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Today is May 26, 2020
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Please help us to thank those who sponsored the 2020 season:

It is never too late or too early to sponsor a team! Please contact our sponsorship director:
Jeff Royal.

Sponsorship Information

Thank you for being willing to consider sponsoring a team at Memorial Little League! Our league depends on the generosity of people like you to keep fees low and to create opportunities for youth to participate in baseball and softball programs. So thank you - you make our work possible.

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Generally speaking, our sponsors fall into two categories with regard to how the relationship is handled. One of those approaches is to view the sponsorship as a marketing opportunity. For those sponsors, Memorial LL makes a concerted effort to encourage players and the families of players to patronize those businesses, so that the sponsor is able to realize value from our relationship. Far more common is the approach which views a team sponsorship as charitable community support - a contribution which recognizes that youth sport has the power to make the entire community better for everyone.

We are extremely grateful for both kinds of support, and we hope you can see examples of our gratitude throughout our web site and our activities.

Contribution: To sponsor one of our teams, we ask the organization or individual to contribute $250 - that amount is enough to provide one team with hats, socks, and jerseys. Of course we always are grateful when organizations are willing to contribute more - to help with field rental, umpires, and equipment. And we also offer partial sponsorships in case the recommended amount is beyond the budget of an individual or organization.

Recognition Period: Since the playing season usually begins soon after April 1st, we usually consider our sponsorships to run from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. Naturally we are glad to add new sponsors whenever they become available - but April 1st is when we count the transition.

The Process: When you click the sponsorship link, you will be taken to a page asking for information about the sponsoring organization. After entering the information, you will be given a chance to confirm it - and to return to the entry page if you wish to make changes. Clicking "Save and Continue" on the confirmation page is what causes the information to be saved in our sponsorship database - so at that point, your sponsorship is saved. At that point you will be brought to a payment page - you may either complete payment electronically or close out the browser and send us a check. Please note that you may review the transaction at any point after that, but you will continue to see the payment page until payment is confirmed by our staff.

Once again, thank you for considering a sponsorship. If you would like to complete the process, please click here to proceed.