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Charles A.
Author of The Roc and The Griffon and Reawakening Honor


Quick Flash
I posted an excerpt from my new effort. It is called the Jubilee Massacre, and provides some background to the story, explaining why the rebels are in such dire straits. It takes the form of a flashback story in the book itself - go have a look!

The Faery Queen's Apprentice

Thanks for visiting! I use this page to communicate with people interested in my work - to share updates and give access to special features, background material, that sort of thing. In particular, please visit the Reflections page, where I try to apply the ideas in my book Reawakening Honor to everyday situations. You may not agree with my thoughts - and perhaps you will find that I am wrong - but that would be engaging in conversation, which just has to be a good thing.

What to expect: I want to try to keep these pages updated, so that there is a little bit of change - but the reality is that writing takes time, especially since I also have a day job (or four). So my plan is to try to take visible action by:
- updating the web site once a month
- updating Facebook about once a week
- updating Twitter a few times a week