The Roc and the Griffin

Here are the covers of the three books!
Silver Seed Soren's Deed Voice of Stones

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The Silver Seed
Soren's Deed
Voice of Stones

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Here is the text from the back cover of the first book:

Regicide. The very word would have been unthinkable for most - but not Hendrick Lokin, Duke of Northmoor. He has done more than think the thought. He has done the deed. Now the only survivor of his treason, the king's daughter Aileen, must flee for her life into the depths of a forest her countrymen fear and avoid.

Worse is yet to come.

Devastating as it is, Northmoor's treachery is merely the most recent engagement in a much more ancient conflict - one which is awakening with renewed fury after a thousand-year sleep . . .

Of course, that is only the tiniest taste. If you want to see a little more, here are a few excerpts from The Silver Seed: