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Charles A. Collins

Reawakening Honor

Reawakening Honor Cover

Reawakening Honor is a philosophy book - it lays out the assumptions and the reasoning which lead to my conclusion that humans really do share an understanding for the nature of honorable behavior. I think this is very important - I think our culture and our lives are better when we engage in careful reflection about what it means to behave honorably.

In order to serve that purpose, I decided to go through a crowd-funding campaign to put the book into the public domain. That in itself is worth a long conversation - but I am not going to try to tackle that on this page. I would love to talk about it, so contact me if you are interested in what the heck that means.

Meanwhile, I want to focus on the practical aspect of that campaign, which is: the book is available in electronic form under an attribution license - which means that if you use any part of the book, you have to give credit to the author (me). As long as you do that, here you go:
Click to download a PDF copy

I also have print copies to send - I know a lot of people just like to have the paper, and I DO TOO. So I am glad to help out with that. If you want a physical copy, just send an email to

Finally, it is important to understand that a book like this really is never in a final state - there always are new questions, new discussions about Honor. To help with that, I make use of a sort of blog of Reflections to help work through new things as they come up. I hope to update that somewhat regularly - but right now, once a month seems like a pretty ambitious target. Keep your fingers crossed.